19 de dezembro de 2009

What do you think if I try to post in English?

YES, but make it clear that I will TRY, because I don't speak english fluently and I confess will use the translation of Google :D I LOVE GOOGLE!

Ok, let's go begin speaking about my day, I did not make nothing interesting, unfortunately, but I promise, one day I will make something cool for post here, meanwhile, we speak about futile things...

Am I going well? :P I am inventing subjects for this post :s' Look, I'm tired of my life :// Don't happens nothing interesting, it is very boring. Very bad :(

So, this is it people, and repeating, I TRYED MAKE A POST IN ENGLISH, I DON'T KNOW SPEAK ENGLISH STILL...


Receba minhas novidades!

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3 comentários:

Room 7 disse...

hey dear, I love here, you blog is very very nice, cute and beautiful :D
it's a good idea try to post in english, well, I speak it fluently, I'm very proud of me, myself lol cos I finished the course last month.

- Gabriella Lima (www.dasonze.blogspot.com)

Pam! disse...

oh, thank you!! do you want give me class ? ahsuahsuahs *-*

Isha Shiri disse...


I think you should not publish in another language.

But it's cool you have a translator built into the Google Blog. If you have questions go to Google Translator and see tools and resources.

Kiss! (Cute baby photo)
Isha *

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